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Oakville Blue Goes Green!

We believe in doing little things to help improve our environment, from the paper we choose, the printers we work with, the recycling of materials, and even our IT infrastructure. All these small things will add up to make a big impact!

Oakville Blue Goes Green

Below is a list of the things we commit to in our day to day operations to help our planet.

  • Embrace the power of the Internet by submitting orders online and delivering documents digitally to help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Server virtualization… We do more with less to help reduce the amount of power and resources our servers and IT infrastructure utilize.
  • Reduce waste by pre-flighting print jobs on screen to avoid paper and material waste.
  • Recycling of paper cores… we work closely with our paper supplier and return all paper cores to be re wound with paper and returned for use.
  • Recycling of our toner bottles when we can so they don’t end up in our landfills. They go back to our supplier to be re-filled and returned for use.
  • Recycling of paper and cardboard.
  • Recycling of print heads, and ink cartridges
  • Latex based ink options for large format output
  • Direct Imaging – Chemical free printing.
  • Fuel efficient delivery vehicles.


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