Blueprint Planroom

Provide your clients, bidders, and contractors with access to your own online project documents distribution and collaboration platform.

Everything bidders and contractors need on one easy-to-use site

Make it easy for project stakeholders to the information they need with a virtual blueprint planroom hosted by Oakville Blueprinting. 

Provide full digital document access

  • Search by project name, filter by bidding status, and save projects of interest
  • Host private projects that are locked and hidden from public view through user access permissions and/or project passcodes 
  • View/access even large PDF sets in seconds 
  • Supports large-format plans and small-format documents 
  • Progressive quality enhancement as you zoom into a document

Track plan holders

  • Know who has your plans and print/export the list anytime 
  • Keep plan holders updated with any changes
  • Make plan holder list public or private 

Create a professional project bid experience

Don't let your projects get buried underneath the hundreds of other projects on some generic planroom site. Your virtual planroom can be customized to reflect your brand and provide access to only your projects.

Archive projects online

Don't let historical projects just gather dust in some filing cabinet. Digitize those files, organize them in a secure online archive, and make it easy to find and retrieve anytime. 

  • Search and filter features to find projects quickly 
  • View and download archived documents anytime 
  • Order hard copy prints through your reprographer
  • Limit access to designated users or companies 

Create a virtual blueprint planroom with Oakville Blueprinting

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